What is Title Insurance

Title Insurance is one of the most esoteric aspects of buying and owning a home. But that does not mean the subject isn't important or worth the effort to understand.

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What kind of protection does title insurance offer?

Both types of policies protect against "defects" or problems in the chain of ownership of the property. Property boundary issues like easements and encroachments also could be protected by title insurance

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How long is a policy in force?

A lender's policy is in force as long as the loan is on the books. An owner's policy on the other hand is in force as long as the owner owns the property. If a loan is refinanced, the owner's policy remains in effect while a new policy is issued to the new lender. If the same lender refinanced the loan, a new lender's policy typically will still be required.

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Why should I use Realty Resource Solutions (RRS) to secure my title?

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